Zarena Is Here For the Cumfiesta

zarena summers cumfiesta

The guys from Cumfiesta have a pretty good life. They wait around, and the doorbell rings, and a girl is at the door basically begging for a cum facial. This time out the girl at the door is Zarena Summers, and she wants her Cumfiesta party, plain and simple. She’s a cutie, sort of what you might call a bit of a hippie granola type girl, but hot and ready for some serious action. She’s not shy to pull out her tits, and she gets busy rubbing her pussy for the camera before the dude whips out his big cock. Then she dives in and starts sucking and licking his cock, rubbing his balls, and doing it all! They fuck pretty good too, this girl’s pussy is wet and ready and taking that big cock no issue, and really let’s him lay into her fuck her hard. The finish is classic Cumfiesta, with the guy standing back and bit and spewing his load onto her face in big spurts that splatter as they hit. She’s totally blown away by the cum load, that is for sure!

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